Once upon a time at a Denny’s...

...yeah, that’s seriously how the story starts.  Phil & Don met going through orientation at a new Denny’s back in 1996.  Don was a disgruntled artist, formally retired from music after pouring his blood, sweat, & tears into Plaid Retina for years to have it dismantled when they arrived in Austin, TX.  Phil was budding as a musician, having already been playing saxophone for 6 years, and rocking for a few, eager to work with Don, determined to force him to un-retire his sticks. 

Time went by becoming friends, going to shows, hanging out, and just enjoying the same things and before you know it, they were jamming in Phil’s parents’ garage.  From there on it started, and formal rehearsals began.  Once they had a number of songs down, Phil invited his friend Matt to play bass, and prior to entering the studio, his younger brother Anthony to fill the vocal void.  The summer of 1997 yielded Crabnog’s Loaded.

Time passed and the group still wrote and rehearsed, but school divided the team for a temporary hiatus.  When Crabnog resumed, the lineup saw Matt and Tone departing, and new found NOG-alumni, Brian stepping in to work with Phil and Don.  Phil & Brian had met taking audio classes in Austin, and once his cookie dough ass was molded, Brian became a force to be reckoned with.  

NOG resumed as a 3 piece with Phil taking over bass and vocals, and Brian picking up the guitar.  Though they tried to place a bass player and vocalist, no one  ever really worked as well as the 3 that they were, so it stuck as that.  Continuing to rehearse and write the band played more and more in and around Austin through 2002 when once again school and careers spawned the pause button.

In their time they released 1 EP, recorded 1 unreleased record, played some shows, and had a hell of a good time.  The NOG boys still remain very close, and will once again work together soon.  Brian works for a large media company in Chicago, IL.  Don still lives and resides in Austin, TX, working with his new band =VC=.  Phil lives and works in San Antonio, TX, running his small media company and working with his new band TWWV.

Check back on occasion for updates as NOG plans on re-releasing their records, and working on new material in 2009.